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Does your pomade harden up in hair?

It totally depends on your hair type and the level of wetness when you apply our pomade. If applied, when wet/damp, it will harden and vice versa. We recommend applying our product in towel dry hair.

What does water based mean?

Most pomades come in 3 bases today - water, petroleum, or oil. We chose to make our pomade with a water base because we believe it is the healthiest for your hair, the ease in washing out is a huge bonus, and it does irritate your skin.

Will Hudson & Hammer products help me get laid?


have any other products than the Classic Pomade and Alchemy?

Currently, those are the only two products we carry. However, we plan on expanding to eventually be a full men’s grooming line sometime in 2017.

Where in LA do you manufacture your pomade?

If I told you… I’d have to kill you.

Will it make my hair purple?

No, our products go in clear once applied to your hair.