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Hudson & Hammer.

Hudson - Derived from Sir Henry Hudson, an English sea explorer & navigator in the early 17th century.

Hammer - A sign of masculinity, power, & leadership.

Hudson & Hammer was established in 2015 by Laguna Beach native, Brett Linkletter, with one idea in mind: "To encourage men to live on their terms and look damn good while doing it." Hudson & Hammer aims to inspire all men to create their own path and do so with confidence. 

We're here to break the rules, disrupt the mainstream, and build something we can be proud of. Our water based hair pomade line will leave you feeling good, smelling like coconuts, and handsome as hell. What are you waiting for?

Brett Linkletter, Founder of Hudson & Hammer Hair pomade for men

- Brett Linkletter, Founder of Hudson & Hammer